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Holiday Lighting
Holiday Lighting

Light Waco takes the stress out of decorating for the holidays with custom design, the industry’s best equipment, professional installation, and timely removal. Our lighting services include residential and commercial projects. Decorate your rooftop by outlining rooflines, ridge lines, and dormers. Compliment the front of your home with lights around windows, doors and other distinct features of your house or business. Other options include the lighting of bushes and trees, as well as the outlining of flowerbeds, walkways, and driveways with staked lights.


We’ll do a property walk-through, ensuring a complete understanding of your space and lighting project.


To ensure your holiday lighting is always working like new, we can perform periodical repairs and adjustments.


Our lighting design specialists customize each design to your space’s specific scenery and architectural features.


After the holidays, we’ll schedule a time with you for lighting and décor removal. We’ll leave your space just as we found it.


Our installation experts use cutting-edge technology and attention to detail to perfect your holiday lighting design.


We’ll store your holiday lighting and décor, so you don’t have to worry about finding the space or what’s on deck for next year.

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